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Brake Repair And Maintenance Parts On Alert Do Not Attempt To Repair

Tentec Holding Group Limited | Updated: Mar 09, 2016

A lot of people are vehicle details are very concerned, especially the brake parts. But some of the problems are actually in some cases do not have to worry whether the brakes need maintenance.

Wheel styles are now more exposed brake components. Means that the cooling of the brake at the same time making it easier for impurities entered the disc in between.

In order to determine whether the brake pads can also be used, you should carefully measure groove depth. If Groove depth meets or exceeds brake pad thickness minimum limits, brake pads should be replaced. Iron brake pads the use of synthetic materials. This will affect the color of the surface of the brake disc. Brake pad friction surface slightly rusted brake pad friction surface exposed. When used in very little, met in the environment humidity, salt, dirt and surface rust. At the beginning when you use the brakes, it can clean, and may be associated with abnormal sound of the brake. At this time the noise was a blip, and will not affect brake performance need not attempt to repair.

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