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Car Mat What Maintenance

Tentec Holding Group Limited | Updated: Mar 09, 2016

1, the block button pad fixed capacity and better

Foot shapes and sizes and the size of the car to fit, size is too big or too small will cause foot brake pads shift, easily lead to accidents. Should try to select special type with type a locator card buckles the pad will be safer. And should avoid selecting thick pad, pad spacing increases clutch too thick, not easy to grasp the brake or gas pedal.

2, pad material very much

Pad a wide variety of materials, high-grade leather, VSQ, chemical fiber, while common rubber, PVC, such as flax. Owners can choose according to individual needs, but it is the most important, easy to wear, easy to clean pad is ideal. Although most rubber and PVC materials, easy to clean, and the price is cheap, but it will be relatively large, and used for a short time. Relatively high price of chemical fiber, but other mats are more wear-resistant, and with suction vacuum insulation and many other advantages.

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