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Friction Linings For Brake Shoe Blades

Tentec Holding Group Limited | Updated: Oct 31, 2017

Should be selected with the original brake shoe friction lining material of the same product, and good quality to ensure that the brake friction is not affected by the material. The radian of the friction linings should be consistent with the radian of the brake hoof, before drilling, riveting and light inspection of the brake shoe, the gap should not be greater than 0.50mm. If the friction lining of the radian difference is large, can be corrected by heating, heating the lining to 80~90°c, brake shoes heated to 100~120°c, with the hand vice will be clamped in the two together through the boring brake drum face for qualitative treatment, to be completely cooled after drilling, riveting.Brake Shoe

According to the position of upper, lower, left and right of the rivet hole on the brake shoe, the friction linings are symmetrically clamped together with the self-made bow clamp or the hand vice and the brake shoe. The same drill with the same diameter as the rivet hole is used to drill slowly to prevent the friction linings from collapsing.Brake Shoe 

If the rivet hole has obvious loss of roundness or excessive wear and tear, can be fixed by the inlay method, the brake shoe rivet extended to d10mm around, again after the pressure into the sleeve and then drill out of the standard rivet hole, can continue to use. The diameter of the hole should be 0 larger than the head of the rivet. The 5~1mm bit, and the angle of the drill bit is the same as that of the rivet head to ensure the riveting quality. To do this, use the following homemade specialized tools.Brake Shoe

Suitable for medium truck friction linings. The knife rod and the cutter head are separated, and the two 4x4 alloy blades are mounted in the two straight grooves of the knife rod, the top corner of the knife is fixed according to the rivet, generally 120°~130°, the limit sleeve can also be used as the knife head to fix the blade on the knife rod, and the distance between the cutter heads and the limit surface is determined according to the thickness of the liner, generally 10~12mm, Tighten the screws after adjusting. The front end of the tool Rod has a guide rod, which is the same diameter as the rivet rod, and needs to undergo heat treatment to improve wear resistance.Brake Shoe 

Sudden Hole quality requirements: The axis of the sudden hole and the bottom of the axis offset should not be greater than 0.15mm, the depth of the hole is about 2/3 of the thickness of the liner, and the conical surface of the hole should be rounded, not triangular or ribbed, and the surface is smooth and clean.Brake Shoe

Increase the axial force of the rivet, increase the expansion amount, fill the gap after wear of the rivet hole of the brake shoe. Rivet Light truck brake shoe friction lining, it is advisable to use from the middle to two, or from one end to the other side of the method of riveting, and in the riveting place with the hand vice clamping, to prevent cracks after riveting.Brake Shoe

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