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How Can We Distinguish Auto Parts?

Tentec Holding Group Limited | Updated: Mar 09, 2016

Tips to tell parts of "four"

A look at price met too cheap accessories have to be careful. Prices are often cheaper than genuine fakes several times, if the product's price and your impression in general price difference is too large, this in all likelihood is a fake fish in troubled waters.

Second look at packaging: in General, legible on the genuine packaging boxes, set of accurate, specifications, registered trademarks, company name, address and phone numbers are clearly marked, certified and tested, and many counterfeit package printing is very rough, the specification is not unified, can always find flaws.

Three materials: if new parts have rust spots, rubber cracking, aging, combined with the unsoldering, degumming, most of the accessories that have a problem.

Four protection: auto parts are factory-coated with a protective layer, such as piston pin, bearing protected with paraffin, oil on piston ring and cylinder liner surface, wrapped in plastic bags and wrapping paper. If seal is broken, package lost, oil or paraffin drain, even if not all the counterfeit product is damaged.

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