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How To Select Wiper

Tentec Holding Group Limited | Updated: Mar 09, 2016

Wiper blades not as frequently as other configurations, such as the use of tire, appears to be small and simple, but the selection standards are about. Good wipers, must have heat, cold, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion-resistant, can fit the windshield, reduce the burden on motor, low noise, strong water, soft scratching windshields and other features.

Recommended wiper when selected, first select the car, figuring out what kind of specifications for their car wiper blades. Second, is Note check whether has damaged and the rubber leaves of elastic how, prevent selected to leaves hardening, and cracks, not qualified rain scraping tablets; check scraping water State, and scraping water support Rod whether exists swing not uniform or leak scraping of phenomenon, prevent appeared pendulum site not shun, and wiper not normal beat; installation good Hou, to carefully observation rain scraping tablets and glass surface whether method completely fitting, ensure not produced wipe residues, produced small stripes; attention rain scraping tablets in movement Shi whether keep must speed.

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