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Introduction Of The Rear Axle Track Bar

Tentec Holding Group Limited | Updated: Mar 09, 2016

1, original rear axle track bar benefits: use high quality metal, produced by advanced technology. Rod strong pull to go under and ensure traffic safety.

Disadvantages of rear axle tie rod 2, counterfeiting: the connection is not secure, prone to breakage. Rod usually using poor-quality metal material, strong pulling force cannot afford an instant, easy deformation. Once the Steering Rod break will lead to loss of control or rollover, serious and very harmful.

Genuine parts packaging advantages:

1, original accessories package, not only protects the parts from being damaged in transit, but also by special design and harmonization of labels to identify products.

2, original packaging for stereo Mercedes star logo will be printed on the label, and indicate the name parts in several languages, and indicating the country of origin. Text on the label using Mercedes-Benz specialized fonts.

3, original packaging with hologram seal, once opened the package, holograms can no longer be used.

4, in order to avoid unnecessary risks, please do not purchase non-dealer parts.

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