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Reinforcing Material For Brake Pad

Tentec Holding Group Limited | Updated: Oct 31, 2017

The disc brake pads have been used as reinforcing materials for the brake pads since the beginning of the asbestos, because of their high strength and high temperature resistance, the requirements of the brake pads and clutch pads and pads can be met. This fiber has a strong resistance to Zhang, can even be matched with high-grade steel, and can withstand the high temperature of 316 ℃.Brake Pad 

More important is the relatively inexpensive asbestos, which is extracted from the pumice ore, which has been widely found in many countries.Brake Pad

In the proportion of asbestos-type brake pads, asbestos accounted for $number, but people now find that most asbestos has potential harm, asbestos has been confirmed by the medical profession is carcinogenic substances, its needle-like fiber is easy to enter the lungs and stay, causing stimulation, can eventually lead to lung cancer, but the incubation period can be up to 15-30 years , so people often do not realize the harm caused by asbestos.Brake Pad 

As long as asbestos fiber is fixed by the friction material itself will not be harmful to the health of staff, but when the stone fiber along with braking friction to form the brake dust emissions, it may become a series of health-affecting causes.Brake Pad

The main advantage of the mixture brake pads (Semi-met) is its temperature control capability and its high braking temperature. The heat transfer performance of the same asbestos type is worse than that of the brake disc and the brake drum, which helps the brake disc and the brake drum to emit heat from the surface of the brake, and the heat is transferred to the brake clamp and its components. Of course, if these heat treatment will also cause problems, the brake fluid heating temperature will rise, if the temperature reached a certain level, will lead to brake shrinkage and brake fluid boiling. This heat also has a certain effect on the brake clamp, the piston seal ring and the back spring, which will accelerate the aging of these components, which is why the brake clamp and the metal parts should be reassembled when the brake is repaired.Brake Pad

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